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This my privacy policy.

Nothing...let me repeat that...NOTHING is guaranteed to be kept private. If you send me a photo, understand that I will post it! BUT it is still your responsibility to to know, by reading this, THAT ANY E-MAIL, attachment or posting to this site or to me, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTING "NOT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION" is fodder for my website and for the radio show I work for; Online Tonight with David Lawrence.

I link to other sites and have no idea what their privacy policy may be, so look at it for yourself when you go there. Also, If you find the content objectionable, close the window immediately, clear your cache and head off to your place of worship to repent. But DON'T write me....I DON'T care.

If you call us, we can put you on the air. If you fax or e-mail us something, we can relate that too. If you ask us not to reveal your true identity on the air or on the site, we'll do everything we can to oblige. As my mother says, behave as if I am watching you at all times; if you feel squeamish about me seeing your behavior, maybe you shouldn't be doing it!


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