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Online Tonight
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Online tonight

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Online Tonight with David Lawrence is the best place to work on the web or in real life for that matter. David is the most intelligent talented person I have had the pleasure to hang with. He is one of my best friends - but don't let him know...I'll deny it. Like he needs an ego!Online Tonight with David Lawrence, an internationally syndicated radio talk show that revolve around personal computers, pop culture and the high-tech lifestyle. Online Tonight successfully combines entertainment, information and support with the speed and humor of a Top-40 morning show. The three-hour daily call-in shows airs Monday through Saturday from 10 PM to 1 AM ET, and is repeated on Sunday afternoons from 3-6 PM ET, and is heard by more than 4.1 million people a week on over 70 radio stations, including WGN/Chicago, CNET Radio/San Francisco, WBT/Charlotte, KOMO/Seattle, KFBK/Sacramento and KEWS/Portland.

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