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If you join us in our chatroom, you'll meet the famous Michael-in-chat! Maybe you've heard the liners he's done for us? And ladies, he's single! (Photo not actual size)

Caesar fighting digital copyright infringement

This is Caesar fighting digital copyright infringement at the local park. Just to the right out of the picture are 3 college kids with Rios full of illegal songs. Get em Caesar!


Leo... hard rockin, very cool...Online Tonight listener. Btw...he did a great revamp on the Online Tonight chat room for me, as well as some killer avs for me. Thanks Leo and your Tripin and Flipin Graphics!


This is Gromit, and he joins us in the chat room a lot. He listens in Hawaii and flew all the way to SFO to see David do a live show in the 49th Street Deli, at Macworld 2000 SFO. Okay, I think he just happened to be visiting friends and family at the time - it wasn't really just to see David. But, don't tell David.


Friend to Otters... friend to snakes... friend to Lili... this is Haltse. Haltse has a great Scottish accent and even types with it. Michael-in-chat taught him the HTML accent code. <smirk> If he's not online ranting, he's out taking great photos of otters! Haltse made it to David's birthday party in SFO at CNET and can be found nightly in our chatroom. I think it's the "all you can drink" party we throw there nightly. Get it? It's a joke, it's a virtual chat room!

Brian the cop

Hey cool, it's Brian the cop from Port St. Lucie, Fl. He's teaching his K-9 (Caesar) how to code and fight Napster users nightly by listening to Online Tonight while on patrol! They listen on WPSL - 1590 AM - Port St. Lucie, FL - The Talk of The Treasure Coast.

the famous Mister Ed

A horse is a horse of course of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course. That is of course unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed! What can I say, that he hasn't said already. You can find Mr. Ed in our chat room most nights. He either has no life or saw the photo!


Okay, can you find Nicole in this picture? You know her you love her...our famous Code Babe at Online Tonight and the NetMusic Countdown. Nicole claims this is her 21st birthday and she is the "normal looking one" in the group.


Here is another of our regulars in the chat room, First4. We still aren't sure what she is first 4? The party, dinner or maybe the hot tub in the chat room? :*) My guess is for the hot tub! But, I am wrong...she was first 4 the phones and answered our "F--- it, if I talk about Napster too much contest" and won herself a bunch of cool prizes and swag from Netflix, f---edcompany, lockergnome, CE software, Norton, Brad Hill, MusicMatch, Buy and Hold, Excite, Survivor Sucks and David's Mom provided the Kmart gift certificate. Oh, and thank you Howard King and Dr Dre for the F--- Napster tshirt!

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