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Kenton. What can I say about Kenton? The man attended every live show we did in Portland. Came to David's party in SFO and has the largest Big Gulp I've ever seen! wink wink..nudge know what I mean!

PendletonRich sends me great IMs during the show. He keeps me laughing to the point of possible loss of bladder control!

Technological supplicant #0001. Jeff has some of the best tip-ins I've ever heard, plus a great sense of humor. He also refers to me as "Goddess" all the time. I think I love him!

Ted and his daughter

This is Ted from Oakland and his daughter. Ted's a long time listener and really big fan. Ted needs to get out more. ;)

Deranged Cow

What can I say, this is my favorite Cow! You can find Monique in our chat room as Deranged Cow. Not only is she a listener, but she is a web designer too. Check out her work and have her do your site! SHE DID MINE AND IT'S WAY COOL!!!!! I love a woman who isn't afraid to scan her face either! Too funny!

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