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Net Music Countdown
Net Music Countdown

What A cool thing!

I can't tell people enough how great it is to be a part of this show. We are the industry standard in music on the web! We countdown the top 20 songs from the web each week. The charts are created based on rankings in six formats: alternative rock, contemporary hit radio (Top 40), hot adult contemporary, urban, country and NAC/smooth jazz, as well as an overall chart ranking of format-independent sales. You can hear the show on radio station all across the country and the industries Newspaper Radio and Records (R&R) license our charts for the official rankings of what is happening on the net.

CD sales, downloads and streams of artists online are compiled and tabulated from reporting web sites, which include,,,, City Internet Radio,, The Everstream Network,,,, Lycos Radio,,, Radio Free Virgin and New sites are constantly being added. The numbers are weighted based on traffic reports by Web traffic monitor Jupiter MediaMetrix. The final charts are then created based on these final rankings. It is so cool!

I get to work with the Net Unknowns- the artists that are popular and have a great following on the net and locally but aren't into the mainstream with a record contract. We have picked artists like Fisher in the past, by the way..Fisher just released there first CD on a major Label!

You can find out more about Net Music Countdown at the site. Listen to any of three shows produced, alternative rock, contemporary hit radio (Top 40) or hot adult contemporary, enter the weekly quiz and meet our Net Unknowns.



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