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CNET Radio First Anniversary
Brian Cooley Brain and Lili Desmond Crisis

The Great Brian Cooley speaking to a full crowd at CNET.

Brian put his arm around me! Hubba Hubba!

Desmond Crisis refused to share his I grabbed a bottle!

James, David, Chuck Stacey, David, and Art Stacy, Desmond Crisis, and Lisa Carton

James the Fabulous, David the Genus and Chuck the Unreachable!Okay, James and Chuck are two of the many talented people keeping the CNET Radio waves so interesting.

Stacey, David and Art. David was told to keep his hands folded at all times they were afraid he would touch people inappropriately!

Stacy, Desmond Crisis and Lisa Carton. Desmond gets the babes! Think it's the

Lili and Art whoo hoo

Lili and Art...the voice of CNET Radio!

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!




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