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Favorite Pictures
lili barbie Pud My feet are the same size as Paul Reubens!

Don't ask!

When we went to Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar 2001, you may remember Pud joining us for the broadcast and then us hitting Scores with after the show. He is so hot in his custom made white leather pants! He's really tall too, sexy, and geeky in a good way!

I am still moved when I see this photo. My feet are the same size as Paul Reubens -aka Pee Wee Herman -aka Tony Stevens . I love Pee Wee, I love Paul Rubins. His humor and style through out his body of work, has had a profound impact on me. His carrer has taken an odd path of very Interesting characters. Mystery Men is still one of my favorites!

David and me at Macworld

This was just a cool thing! David was in a production of Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio. The production was done at Goucher College. This is a pic from rehearsal with his best friend Prof. Michael Curry, head of the Department of Mass Communication there.

This is David and me at Macworld. I think we are at the hotel eating before the show. You'll notice this is a pre-pink photo.

This is our CEO, Dave Mark...the man that makes our shows possible. Dave has been one of the strongest supporters of David's work, for as long can I can remember! His strength and guidance is what makes our jobs so easy.
With him is Nicole, our Webmistress. She is smart and hot! The girl writes code and makes it look so easy. I worship at her feet! All hail Nicole!

Lili herself

Photo by Greg Huffman
NO, IT'S NOT A WIG! If only it were!





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