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Macworld NYC

broadcast from the Burger King

We did our broadcast from the Burger King in the Financial district of New York City. You may notice the lines of computers behind David. Very cool place!
This is the first Internet connected Burger King in the world! Our guest here is from Newer Technology.
The company is no longer business :(

This is Peter Abramson being interviewed by David. He is the owner of the Burger King. He recently opened one in Times Square too.

This is John. He won a trip to NYC to Macworld and to attend the live broadcasts of the show. He came all the way from New Orleans and we made him carry our sign!

This is where I fell in love with the iBook, I think it was the pure size of the ad at the Jacob K.Javits convention Center.

Here is Scott Stein who rolled in to listen to the show. You can Sue Nail from CE Software on the left. They provide us with all the great QuicKeys we give away on the show.

The guys from IJAM customized our undies with their own url. The more I think about it, giving away underwear at Burger King is kinda strange.



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