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All About Me!!!
My mom me and my daddy My bedroom

This is one of my favorite pictures (like you care- why are you even here?). My mom is one of the most beautiful women I know. She could have been a film star. She has a beautiful voice too. Instead she got married young and chose to have six kids - well, she's catholic so maybe "chose" isn't the right word. (Note:to my mom...I am kidding!) Anyway, I was her last child, this is my mom and me...1966 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

This me and my daddy in 1974. I look just like him! Except I'm a girl, and much younger.

Oddly enough, My bedroom still looks the same 30 years later. Isn't Robert Redford dreamy?

I'm 7 years old Lili Clan I'll pull out my six shooter

Okay, I'm 7 years old and I picked this dress myself. My mother cut my bangs. I love her, but man...take the scissors away before she hurts someone!

Here's the story of a lovely lady, Who was bringing up some kids who dressed quite silly, All of them had bad haircuts, like their mother.

The youngest one was Lili...

Now, I'm 12 years old and living in Florida, what was the hat about you ask? This was my sportswear in the local beauty pageant. Make fun of me and I'll pull out my six shooter.

whole ensemble "I'm a little tea pot" nothing on me

I thought you might like the whole ensemble! The jeans and vest were Jordache. HOT!

Look, I won! I think it was the forced smile and the "I'm a little tea pot" arm pose. I know it wasn't the sportswear.

Okay, it was the swimsuit. Betty Grable has nothing on me!

band camp late 70's Punk rock girl

So this one time... at band camp....

Okay, it's the late 70's...Ohh Laa laaa Sasson, Jordache Jeans and bad perms!

Score: a perfect 3!


One hot Punk rock girl.

I loved the 80's Roger Daltry Sister and me

Remember,Whitesnake? Ratt? Motley Crew? Poison? Warrant? Winger?
My hair was bigger!

Ah, I loved the 80's.

This is one of my favorite photos. It's a Polaroid and totally messed up now, but in 1985 I went water skiing with Roger Daltry. Yes, Roger Daltry of "The Who." All I can say NO, I didn't - he is a married man! A very short man, who fell while skiing and hurt his neck. I was at theWarner/Electra/Atlantic Conference in Florida, a friend of mine worked for Atlantic Records.

My sister and went to Lake Tahoe with my parents. Can you believe the type of dates we end up with? You can see he couldn't keep his paws off me!

My dad and mom Sister Lili Drunk Lili

My dad and mom met my (then) boyfriend in Las Vegas...1995, I think. My boyfriend Scott is missing from this photo for 2 reasons...

1) someone had to take the picture.

2) I knew in my heart it wouldn't last, and I was so much fun with my mom and dad on this trip - I knew would want a photo I could keep! LOL It's a good one too. (Moms on the right)

Lili, Lynn, and the person who shall remain nameless!

My friend Lynn and I hated school, it was so fake. We went back to our 10 year high school reunion dressed as Nuns. I blocked out the face of girl who finally came came over to us after the room fell silent. No one could figure out why two nuns were at the dinner. Her first words to us were... Lili? You can't be a real nun! See what I mean about high school. She hadn't seen me in over 10 years, but based on old rumors, that was her opinion. Had she kept in touch with me, she would have known in fact, that I couldn't be a nun, but did she take the time to really know me? No.

Why I don't drink! Much.

pink wig 35th Birthday

Oh look, I'm thirty. And the pink hair starts. This was a wig.

My 35th Birthday. The current hair, short red.

BTW...I beat the crap out of that shinny, happy sun pinata.





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